best 50mm / 35mm legacy lens for value/optical quality for nex-7

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Re: best 50mm / 35mm legacy lens for value/optical quality for nex-7

wakkaday wrote:

I've just managed to bid for a minolta md 50mm 1.7 lens for around £18 uk price

Is that a good value for this lens. I wanted a 1.4 but then I think this lens may be more then sufficient for portraits and get me good bokeh right ?

I just need to buy an adaptor? Is there anything else .

I'm new to photography . Do I need any filters / lens hood ?

Thanks guys very useful recommendations

That lens should be splendid! You will, of course, need a Minolta MD to NEX adapter. You should also get a lens shade, which will both reduce the contrast-killing effects of off-axis light, and keep your fingers off the front element. Though it will surely irk some who believe in them, don't cover the lens with a "UV" or "skylight" filter unless your're prepared to purchase a filter that costs 3-5x what you paid for the lens. They don't really "protect" the lens, and none are as fine as the optical glass of your lens.

For your background, that lens is the one the famous photographer W. Eugene Smith used in recording his epic photojournalism book, "Minimata," the story of a lead polluter in Japan's horrific effect on a small town. That lens was used to make a LIFE magazine cover.

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