I LOVE my d600

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Re: I LOVE my d600

sd40 wrote:

A career managing a business where we produced something real instead of imagery taught me that stuff happens, get some perspective and be careful about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I agree and certainly one has to be rational and pragmatic otherwise life will just pass you by.  I've owned countless products (many were quite expensive) and none were ever perfect.  Either it was a production issue, a QC issue, or a design issue.  But I learned to live with any shortcomings because the overall experience was better than never experiencing the product at all.  The more people worry about every issue (big or small, real or imagined) the more they will be giving up on certain rewards.  e..g., driving a 1970s British sports car is still incredibly fun despite the notorious poor reliability.  It's a shame to not be able experience that due only to the fear of it possibly breaking down.  In general, I think many people tend to be a lot wimpier about things these days; many will never take the initiative to either DIY or just deal with what ever might come up.

I have a D600 and it has a debris issue.  I'll never send it to Nikon, that's a waste of time, effort, and expense on my part.  I'll just clean it myself (takes only a few minutes and is so easy to do.)  I've had to wet clean it several times so far, but overall the camera has served its purpose for my needs (a high pixel count back up body to my D3s.)  The IQ is excellent and it was only $2k (considering it's as good in IQ as the D3x which was almost $9k when new in 2008.) At first I considered the issue a real PITA but then simply telling myself that I can live with it solved it all for me......

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