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Re: Focus Numerique...french site...has all iso samples....

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not that they are all that encouraging. vs the D7k. sigh.

JonRobertp, I just downloaded all of the RAWs for the D5200/7000/7100 from FN and loaded them into ViewNX2 2.7.4, which supports the D7100. I was rather surprised at what I saw...in a very positive way. The D7100 shots appear sharper - and only when I got up to ISO 6400 and pushed the exposure compensation all the way up was I able to see a tiny amount of banding in the shadows. The D5200 images looked fairly hohum by comparison.

What did you see that was discouraging to you?

PS: FN's testing rigor is atrocious. In the D5200 and D7000 images, auto-area AF is being used; in the D7100, single point; the lens used for the D5200 testing is the 18-55@24mm/5.6, , the D7000 shots used the 24mm/1.4@5.6, the D7100 shots used the 50mm/1.4@5.6...at least DPR is relatively consistent in its lens use if I'm not mistaken. Hard to judge purely sensor effects with these inconsistencies.

l loaded the supplied samples ...viewed them at 100% on my 24 inch screen...and on photoshop...and the new ones are a bit brighter, less color, less contrast. I`m sad to see that...since I may still buy the 71.

Hmmm.  On my monitor (NEC PA271) the D7100 images appeared very similar in overall contrast to the D7000, with smoother grain (as you might expect) but with better feature definition.  The D5200 images by contrast, if you'll excuse the pun, were nothing special.  I would suspect that the lens used has something to do with it, and the AA filter secondarily - but with fine lenses mounted, I saw the D7100 images as superior.  Overall, though, I don't like FN's test scene that much, nor DPR's, for that matter - so I'm not sure how these images would translate into more typical subject matter.

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