Kata 3N1-20/30 – need feedback please!

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Re: Kata 3N1-20/30 – need feedback please!

neighkon wrote:

I need a compact backpack that will fit the 70-200 2.8 VRII mounted on a D600. I like idea of the side access bags but I’m not that wide or tall (5’8” 163 lbs) with narrow shoulders. The 3n1-30 looks too bulky and one reviewer on Amazon says its too wide for his shoulders and the straps would slip off when used in the regular backpack config and the X straps is toooooo constricting. Lastly the design could be better in terms of allowing air circulation on your back. These are supposedly quality bags and the nice thing about both of these 3n1s is that you can get them for under $90.The 20 might not accommodate this body/lens configuration. Can anyone confirm?

I really want to get the smallest, easy access, and most compact backpack that will fit the D600 + 70-200 2.8

I really like the Lowepro flipside sport 15L since it does not look like a camera bag but its not really practical for me since its lacking pockets, compartments, and places to store stuff. Plus I’ll have to get creative so the other stuff in there don’t spill out when I take the camera out. Then there’s the Photo sport 200 but I don’t think this config will fit, (so will it fit?) specially that I am thinking of getting a TC20 later on so it would be nice to be able to accommodate this mounted too but not a deal breaker if it doesn’t.

I don’t do day long trips, max a few hours so total comfort is not a must but compactness and ease of access is the key.

All input and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!


Now another choice is the 3n1-20 DL looks like an improved model in some ways, plus you can even get it for less than $70 so I'm really tempted to jump on it since there's really not a lot of bags geared for left handed peeps.

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