The Internet is Killing Brick & Mortar Stores

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I wanted to patronize the local B&M, Houston Camera Exchange for a lens. Same price as B&H, and sales tax just a little more than expedited shipping. The 45 minute drive took 2 hours going and an hour and a half return. An hour nosing around in the store and it took the lions share of the day. Not to mention all the toll roads I had to use to avoid the major incidents. I45 in Houston is basically unusable most of the time. I did not even use the lens at my wedding yesterday as I did not have enough time left to test it other than a few quick shots. I can drive to Austin or Dallas almost as fast as I can travel across Houston metro area. But then to get to where you are going in that metro area is another story.

I like to see the local stores stay open, as if you need it today, there is an option. But it will take all day to make the trek unless they are real close. Ad up the gas, mileage, toll roads, wear and tear and it would have been wiser to order from B&H. Not to mention I used all my cuss words for the year during the drive. YMMV

I guess I'm lucky in that I have Calumet Photo about 2 miles away in Santa Ana, and Samys about 4 to 5 miles away. I live in Tustin California. Last time at Calumet I bought an Epson scanner. Still, I also order from B&H. Samys always has clients. B&H is probably subsidized by it's other nationwide stores.

Huh? B&H is a single superstore in NYC, not a nationwide chain. All of their internet/phone orders also ship from there.


You are right!  I meant to say Calumet.

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