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Re: Hardware DR vs Software DR

MitchyK7 wrote:

Alex, from a technical point of view, L size will protect highlights better because it's less sensitive.

No. M size protects highlights because it cuts the exposure off early on half the pixels and blends the two halves to make one HDR image.

In M mode, the sensor uses pixel binning,

No. It bins only in SN mode. In DR modes (including PASM at M size) it blends the two halves on a curve.

which means half as many pixels, twice as sensitive,

No. Half as many pixels, each having the data from a pair of identically sensitive photosites.

By using twice the data and cutting resolution by half at the sensor, Fuji seem to have reduced read noise to effectively 50% of what it was, which is a pretty dramatic increase in efficiency. And that shows ...

whereas L mode means twice as many pixels, half as sensitive. So the highlights don't get blown out as easy in L mode.

No. The highlights blow extremely easily in L mode unless you shoot in DR400 mode. And the way the camera handles that is to underexpose slightly and then apply a tone curve. You get a rather dramatic increase in noise .

Note: DR400 forces ISO 400, but there are tricks going on inside the camera where the camera is probably set to 400 but exposes closer to 100 (i.e. amplifies less) and then applies a tone curve instead of analog amplification. The result is excellent final DR with lots of mushy noise.

This is why the rigidly sticking to M mode thing makes me chuckle.

Actually, you should spend some time reading the article I linked to you. You could also search my blog for M vs L and look at the evidence. You won't be chuckling any more, except perhaps at the naivete of the original chuckling ...

Actually, let me link a few articles ...

Nothing Special: How to Shoot an EXR Camera

Here is an L vs M comparison that is quite recent ... the F800, which sports a very similar sensor to the one in your HD50 ...

Remember to click "original image"

I use L mode for well lit shots most of the time, and i will switch to M for either low light shots, or more burst shot speed. Neither one is 'better' than the other, each is better only in certain circumstances.

I have never seen a case where L mode on the 1/2" sensor can match or beat M mode.

It's also why M mode would show less fringing, as it's white-ing it out i assume!

M mode shows less fringing at DR400 because the exposures are better in the highlights. There is also less fringing because of the drop in resolution. Since we look at images at 100% to see fringing, we have half the pixels of fringing we had before.

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