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Hello everybody,this is my first post,but I have been following bridge camera threads with interest,with the usual birdy/wildlifey interests that i have,I want photos without all the lugging around of heavy/bulky gear,did own a pentax k20d with 300f4 da*,build was superb but heavy and with carrying binos and tripod+fieldscope i wanted to downsize.For some reason i purchased a samsung nx10 with 50-200mm 5.6 lens,its not bad actually,just lacking extra reach,i tried it alongside a xs1,(a cam i really wanted to buy)-but my nx10 with a larger sensor was bettering the xs1 in image quality,not to mention all the issues with the xs1. I tried the xs1 out at 4 different stores in the cardiff area,all had the following issues that i noted myself,and thats before I hit the forums,focus freeze,alarming lens droop,(on all cams), overexposure from default,(never had to underexpose so much with other cams i've owned),slow write times,then I hit the forums and found soft lenses at full focal length,orbs and finally blue smudges,I just couldnt hand over my hard earned dosh for this.Now to present day,recently tried out a fuji hs50 alongside a nikon p520,(would have tried a canon sx50 but they did not have a charged battery),firstly build quality,good for both in my view,but points lost for the fuji - the focus ring is very free moving,no damping at all,(my nx10 200mm 5.6 zoom has a beautifully damped focus ring),despite this manual focus works well,view finder nice to use,p520s very pokey, image quality - not much between them - just judging them on the LCD screens,VR very effective on the nikon - initialy I could not get a satisfactory shot at full focal length with the fuji - I checked the stabilization was on - it was,so I changed settings - used EXR mode the camera made the decision to use HR priority - as I pointed the fuji at my test subject,(a floral accent on an old building approx 25 meters away) the stabilization was then obvious on the LCD screen and in the viewfinder...odd...I personally thought the fuji had the edge on the nikon for image when shooting the building.Last but not least - a macro test,at full focal length shooting a cigarette butt on the kerb approx 6 feet away - I was astonished at the detail,the dead cigarette was not giving up much detail - but the stones in the kerb were resolved superbly...would be very useful for butterflies,dragonflies and the like...I would like to try the canon out before I make a final decision,but before you ask i'm not keen on the fz200 as I do not want to chuck a teleconverter on th end,,,my two bits worth.....Dave...

You should try the X-S1 again, from serial number starting with 23 or 24 (not sure exactly) and up they are fixed and completely different cameras, with sharper lens, better focusing, better white balance and no blue smudge problem, the only thing remaining is the loose lens at full zoom, but it seems not to affect images, it is just annoying. There is no better bridge on the market at this point, too bad it took Fuji so long to fix it, it lost momentum on the market. Most big, high volume retailers will likely have now only new models remaining in stock, it is easy to check, the S/N is on one label on the box.

X-S1 has a big problem and it is slow and unreliable AF, otherwise it is a very nice camera. It has better picture quality than my Panasonc FZ200, the reason I chose it away was for the dark lens and the bad AF. FZ200 has significantly better AF, not to speak about HS50.
your friend
/ Kim

Which version did you try, the "new" X-S1 has significantly improved AF compared to old one.

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