best wide angle lens for landscape

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Re: best wide angle lens for landscape

FumbleDuck wrote:

I'm using the Canon 10-22mm with the metabones adapter. The main advantages for me were:

1) Excellent flare resistance for landscapes. Admittedly I dont know how the Sony 10-18 performs in this regard but the Canon is a proven winner. Best flare resistance of any other Crop zoom UWA as far as I know.

The Sony 10-18mm can flare a little with bright sun in the frame, but usually the flare is small and the lens maintains high contrast. Sometimes there is no flare even with the sun in the frame, and it doesn't seem to flare at all with the sun outside the frame.

I'd personally favor the Sony 10-18mm over an adapted SLR lens because of the weight. I have a Sigma 8-16mm, and it's one of the best UWA zooms on the market. It's also history for me because it's too heavy to carry around everywhere. The Sony lens is better optically I'd say, and just 225g which is only a little more than the LA-EA2 adapter. The Sigma 8-16mm is another half kilogram or so on top of that.

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