Initial Report on the NX20

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Re: Initial Report on the NX20

shuutrr wrote:

UzminiNu wrote:


I still have my SRT-101....haven't used it for eons though.....purchased it at the PX in Da Nang, first real camera....I am interested to hear how you like the NX20 as you gain experience with it......I agree with the value of the NX20, at $400 it seems like a great purchase....I like mine a lot....use it almost everyday at work....

lol, how can i get it for 400:O?

I purchased mine, around the week of Christmas, body only, on Amazon, from the "Electronics Basket" based in New Jersey. Great deal, no problems, shipped as advertised, brand new, sealed Samsung package, I am very satisfied with the purchase. I had an NX10 and 3 lenses, so "body only" was exactly what I wanted at the time.

Living in Scotland so getting this camera is a bit tricky.

I got my nx100, november, last year. Was impressed about the size/performance and understand, have to get all lenses. Till now got 7 lenses and waiting for one more.

Just thinking the nx300 its worth the money,fast AF and good high iso. If i stayed in EOS camp, it would cost at least twice and about the size and weight of 6D.

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