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Hey Adam,

I think you already have a few good options in your original post. one would think that buying into a DSLR system we would have to look for the system with the lenses we want.

Also, while it seems taboo to have a brand of choice it is perfectly natural for many reasons, and is shown in many purchasing decisions, so no need to feel it is inappropriate. I enjoy Olympus equipment, the 12-60, 50-200, 50mm macro and 35mm macro serve as a superb set of lenses, and it is difficult to find their equal in many APSC systems, the 50mm is small, light and fast (aperture) making it flexible for a lot of uses, the 35mm is a real gem and dirt cheap while the two zooms are simply as close to perfect for their pricepoint as one could hope for.

Now, my personal advice to you would be to pick up the Olympus lenses you like now, they can be had for very little along with an EPL5, I have one and it is great fun to shoot with, maybe with one or two m43rds lenses such as the 25mm f1.4 and the 40-150 for a small, flexible two lens setup and wait out for the next Olympus body.

On the front of "will Olympus continue to release bodies", I dont know about you, but my need for newer bodies diminishes with each year that passes, and the sensor in the OMD, if only improved upon marginally, will be a long term camera for me, and I imagine many others.

Having said all that, do what works best for you, and try to avoid any regret


Here are some OMD samples (same as the EPL5):

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