Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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So, I shot five softball games this weekend under varying conditions...night, sunny, and cloudy on all three days (Friday-Sunday).  I made some modifications to the custom focusing menus on my 7D (based on some PM's I received) and I also shot at higher apertures (instead of 2.8 I moved it up to 5.6 to 8) and guess what?


I don't have anything finished yet in DPP or LR3 but I've gone through and done some minimal processing and the results are truly impressive.  In looking at the DOF Master website, I was so close on some of these shots a week ago that shooting at f/2.8 gave me a DOF of under 1 foot in some cases.  That might be great for a portrait or in food photography but that absolutely does not work when trying to get two or three athletes in sharp focus (or even one for that matter)

I also changed some of the settings in DPP (turned off NR completely).

I'm no longer fantasizing about tossing my 7D into a lake now!  It truly is capable of producing stunning images and instead of looking at a 5D3 I may set my sights on a 7D2 instead (cheaper and the extra reach is a big plus for sports).

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYBODY for all of your help and everyone who replied here and who PM'd me.  You've restored my faith in this camera and I'm really looking forward to future outings now that I know what I'm doing!!

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