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Walking Dead wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

Walking Dead wrote:

In my OP, I wasn't sure what to say about the article, but thinking about it, I came up with this-

I wonder if the store can still sell the shotgun as new? In reading posts on the camera forums, I've seen where people get upset if the box of the new camera shows sign of it being open. They demand that the retailer give them a discount.

How do gun owners feel? Are they just as picky? Do they require that the 'new' gun/rifle/shotgun not be fired?

Since the shotgun was not sold, it is still new, but does the retailer have to sell the shotgun as 'used', or as 'shop worn'? What if they advertise that the shotgun was tested, and guaranteed to work?

You seem to read more into the story then written. Where does it say he killed himself with a shotgun?

I quote "the man pulled out a handgun"

The man was obviously distaught about something and you are making light of it by trying to turn the thread into talk about guns. Foolish questions at best.

The man committed suicide. The means is not the story. He could have used tylenol, or jumped off a bridge or thrown himself in front of a bus. But then of course you would have no thoughts.

It does appear that he used the gun he had to kill himself.

Guess the store doesn't have to worry about having to sell the gun at a discount after all.

And, why even rob the store? If all he wanted to do was to commit suicide, he already had the means to do so. Why terrorize the store employees?

On second look, the story was about a guy with a gun who robs a store, and when he's cornered he shoots himself.

We need to have gun control laws that prevent idiots like this guy from having guns in the first place.

I thought you gun-lovers liked a happy ending where justice is served. The guy was a criminal for robbing the store. He saved the taxpayers the expense of a trial, or the cost of putting him in prison.

I didn't read it like that:

"and asked to see a shotgun and ammunition. McCarpy pulled out a handgun — later found to be unloaded — and ordered the worker to undo the shotgun’s gun lock"

asked to see a shotgun

ordered the gun to be unlocked

Handgun found to be unloaded


Reasonable presumption that the shotty was used to kill himself..

The rest I seem to agree with: but it's been blown out of proportion.

He was someone who wanted to die. We may never know why he chose the method he used.. Maybe he tried 100 paracetamol and vomited them, maybe he just ran out of bullets for his hand gun.. Maybe the gun store owner piissed him off..

He's dead, by his choice, end of story.. all finished and done.. who cares..

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