Help : Manual front feed problem with Epson R2000 (but it may be the same for other Epson printers)

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Help : Manual front feed problem with Epson R2000 (but it may be the same for other Epson printers)

Hi all,

it's been a long time i'm reading dpreview, but this is my first post. I'm not a english native speaker, so forgive me for my bad mistakes

Ok, so i've bought recently an Epson R2000, and i'm trying to print on thick medias, like fine art paper.

I have a problem when printing via the front manual feed of the Epson R2000.
The paper used is Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas A4, hence my desire to go through the front loading. Using the rear manual feed, the sheet is not taken and the printer reports a paper jam. With other media like Photorag Baryta or FineArt peal, from time to time the paper is not taken, and often scratched. So i want to use front feed for printing. Using front loading the paper is fully charged, no problem.
I use PhotoShop to print and Hahnemuhle ICC profiles for Epson R2000, color management off in the driver, photoshop manages color.
The problem is, whatever the paper used by the front-loading, printing looks like a watercolor (drool colors, with even blue when printing black and white). there is drooling over printing on the edges.

Also, it seems to make the feed rollers dirty, because when i print using the rear loading after trying front loading a 2cm wide band appears on almost the entire length of the sheet.
Note that I have no problem with all papers tested via the rear manual feed, profiles work fine and printing is great.
Many Thanks for your help.


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