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@rhlpetreus: It seems from the description that what creaDVty is seeing is the same thing that I noticed. The area that I observed initialy and my findings are a couple of posts above this, at:


This includes a marked area, but I noticed it occurring in the dark regions of the sunflowers that are out of focus too. Please be sure to look at the original sized picture at or else you wont see this:


@creaDVty: If the "lines" as you describe them are spaced around 4 pixels apart then you're probably looking at the same thing. Rows in (landscape orientation) vary in their average luminance, but exhibit sharp peaks (which look almost as a couple of levels brighter lines).

If you see these even in raw, then it's not from jpeg, as for me, I can't say my measurements are valid since I don't have a raw file to repeat them on.

PS:sent you my email address as PM.

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