What happened to CX and PX series camera?

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Re: What happened to CX and PX series camera?

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GXRuser wrote:

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Ricoh buying Pentax happened.

and the GXR essentially replaced them...

GXR P10 replaced the PX.

GXR S10 replaced the CX.

That's nosense. The GXR was introduced at the time of the CX3 and the P10 module with it's 28-300 mm lens is very similar to this camera. The PX is a waterproof camera with a 28-140 mm lens and a small sensor. The S10 has a 24-76 mm lens, a larger sensor and is certainly not waterproof. The S10 is similar to the GX 100 and GX200

My error. Sorry.

I should have been more accurate...

GXR S10 replaced the GX series.

GXR P10 replaced the CX series.

Now that is not fully accurate, but is close.

Strangely neither the P10 nor the S10 took off.  This was despite them being much superior to the CX and GX models respectively.  In all ways - from access to highly developed firmware to the high resolution lcd, the clip on evf and usable raw captures.  So the perception of size is strong and when it gets down to the wire millimetres count.  Now if they could shave off the top of a GXR, just above the lcd screen would do, then "voila!" the GX300 and the CX7 would miraculously appear.  Otherwise they will just have to make a further new, smaller, rail mount system with more modules for the GR, GX and CX modules to be interchangeable and "so-tiny".  Hey - throw in a Q mount module and we have the "sexy-lexy" of cute but effective little cameras. B@#$ the "big sensor".  Good-small could be quite fashionable again.

However I do think that Ricoh fans would be best served with one rail mount system that fits all, and of course the aps-c modules are already sitting there winking at us.

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