best wide angle lens for landscape

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Re: best wide angle lens for landscape...may not be an E-mount


Another forum poster proposed a Canon 10-20mm. I think if you really want wide angle, you will be very unhappy with all the suggestions other than the Sony 10-18mm.

I'm on my way to a ***possible*** but not probably side trip off a meeting tomorrow, so I put my 11-16 Tokina f2.8 in my bag, along with my NEX-6 and adapter (and my rangefinder primes). The Tokina is my "standard" video lens, because I shoot medical videos on my Nikon D7000, and although it is about as heavy as the Sony 10-18, it is a full stop faster, and is a lens I know is fabulously sharp wide open.

I do shoot some landscapes, but I also shoot a lot of cathedral, mosque and synagogue interiors, and a lot of night/evening city-scapes. If the only camera you own is the NEX-7, buy the Sony lens. If there's a superior aspect to a Zeiss, you're unlikely to see it except in camera-stand shots of test charts.

But if you own a DSLR, I'd strongly suggest you check out the Tokina. It's probably about $100 less than the Sony, and it's dazzling on the NEX-6 - and whatever else you own.


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