I'm at the crossroads, anybody else?

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Re: A simple answer.

Steve Bingham wrote:

Enjoy your D800e!!!! For others:

Print 24" x 36" for display? You need it.

Print 16" x 24" for display? Resampling will work fine!!!!!!

"Want" is a totally different matter.

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Steve Bingham

I'm about to print 60 or so images for an outdoor exhibition direct onto Palite substrate.

All the images will be A1 or A2 in size which is about what you describe in old fashioned inches. Most will be from a 12Mp Nikon D3s with some from a 16Mp Lumix GH3.

I certainly don't feel I 'need' a D800 to achieve good prints and in fact consider the D3s a better camera in almost every way (for me, personally, not for anyone else!)

If I could shoot the images for the exhibition with any camera, I would be taking Leica S series bodies and lenses.

However I think I would need to mortgage my house to do so, as the bodies are NZ$43,700 each and the lenses about NZ$10,000 each.....

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