X100s vs RX1

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Ray Sachs
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Re: X100S / RX1 / Leica M 240

Jeff Charles wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

While the X100s appears to be incredibly fast in good light, it doesn't sound like its improved on the previous X-cameras in low light. Which, in my experience means an awful lot of hunting.

I've found that X100's AF-C is more sure than its AF-S in low light. It rarely hunts, if ever.

You're right. Mike was using C-AF for the fuji in his video and it seemed to match up quite well. I just did about two minutes with the X-Pro in crazy low light using C-AF back to back with S-AF and, no doubt, a LOT better. If so, then, the Fuji will clearly beat the RX1 in good light and they may both be quite good in low light. Why haven't I been using C-AF in low light right along? I don't know - just not paying attention I guess.

Thanks for that!

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