How bad is Epson 4900/7900 clogging?

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Re: 4900/7900 clogging- thanks Tom

dccberry wrote:

I use a 7900 almost every day, and it is, for the most part, super reliable. I do a nozzle check before doing a run pf prints, and 90% of the time it does not need a nozzle cleaning. It is nice to be able to clean only two colors at a time if necessary...All in all, I like it enough to want a 9900 when space permits!

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> As an owner of an epson 7800 and an epson 3880, I must tell you that I purchased a Canon >ipf6400. The final price of $1604.00 with rebate and free delivery was too good to pass up. Well, I >must tell you, this printer is a joy to use. After calibration and proper paper profiles prints made on >the same paper and the same size are identical. I think for the most part Epson users are a bit >snobbish about their printers. I did a lot of research and spoke to many professionals that use all of >the "Big 3", Canon, Epson and HP. The bottom line was, they all praised the Canon and reassured >me that I would love this printer and they were absolutely correct. I now find myself loading 17 x22 >sheets in the Canon, instead of the 3880, which is a fantastic printer. It is now mostly used for >smaller sizes and greeting cards. I think Epson users are loyal to a fault. I Know ill get some flack, >but as a user of both I, I have to come clean about how good the Canon ipf6400 is

I found this  McNamara report youTube clip:

rather interesting.  It bears out my long experience that there is seldom a clear and simple choice - in other words, there is seldom an easy or a perfect choice.  It is still my impression that Epson printers, with the help of the papers and profiles and support and advice available, enable one to deliver a very high quality of print that may even be very slightly better than Canon's. It is also pretty clear that Canon will often be more convenient.

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