New pics of tennis pros with 17-55 2.8

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Re: New pics of tennis pros with 17-55 2.8

One by one:

1) The ball is obviously been hit, this is a follow-through. Everyone at the club loved this shot, the pro especially thought it was awesome as it shows classic tennis form and the composition works beautifully.

2) This is a portrait - not an action shot. A simple portrait is required as part of the layout for each pro.

Better bokeh would isolate her more and be more pleasing. (but you know that)

3) She loved this shot as it is unusual, showing a terrific stretch. She's not "missing the ball", but going after it. You obviously don't play tennis.

Not any more, but I have.

4) Straight-on shot? You mean in front of him so I'm blocking the other player and get hit by the ball? You have no clue as to the logistics of doing this.

Blocking the other player?

I thought this was a photo shoot not a match.

5) The large ball is great! The whole idea of the shot is the intensity of focus and the eyes on the ball. I was lucky to get this perspective without getting hit by the ball.

If these people are pros, you shouldn't have to worry about getting hit.

6) Yes, I would have loved to have the racquet in the shot, but the stretch was so spectacular that everyone insisted this shot be used.

Were you using muti-shot for this. I like to see the shot just after this one with the racket in full view, full stretch.

7) Maybe the best shot of the bunch and the favorite of the player in the pic. The height of the ball is irrelevant, look at the focus, the intensity and form of the player, ready to strike.\

Nothing in an action shot is irrelevant.

It seems you are nitpicking, looking for reasons not to like these photos. Your opinions seem uninformed about the game, the logistics of shooting, and what is important in this type of shoot.

Not trying to nitpick, I'm trying to help.

I'd like to hear from someone who has actually tried to get action shots of tennis players indoors in a short time period. You might find it's not as easy as you think.These are small prints so "showing the whole court" is a terrible idea. It's nice to have the racquet and ball in the frame, but sometime there are other unusual aspects that make the photo interesting even if there is no ball and/or racquet. I could easily add a ball in any shot by cloning, but in discussing with pros, they did not say it was needed.

This is another statement that has me confused. "short period of time"

Where you there on a shoot or to watch a match and then try to sell some shots?

I send about 100 photos to the manager and pros, and these are some of the one's that they choose for the movement that they convey. You'd be quite surprised what they like, not necessarily your standard tennis shot with moment of impact or ball or racquet in the shot. Do you play tennis? You really cannot predict what there is about the pic a pro will like, as it is their bodies and technique on display.They don't care about standard tennis shots, tack sharpness, or noise - just that they look the way they would like to look. This is not my choice.

I'm never surprised by what people like. I look at color, tempo, backgrounds, etc., they say "Oh look, pretty."

These were a few I chose arbitrarily, there were a total of 20 chosen from this shoot. They will be printed small and laid out in a frame, so the layout becomes important as well. Sharpness and noise are not an issue, these are plenty sharp enough for these prints. WB looks fine on my I actually did not put these up for CC, just continuing a thread that I started about using the 50mm 1.8 vs 17-55. Most of the responses have been uninformed, condescending, and downright stupid - like suggesting I bounce a flash off a 200-foot bubble, or "telling a story". Luckily, the manager and pros love the shots, and I will get paid. This was my goal, not pleasing people on a forum who don't have a clue as to what the job is about.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Sam K., NYC

What were some of your camera setting for these.

Where you in one shot or AI Servo?

Continuous shooting or one shot at a time?

In both stretch shots, I have a feeling the shot just after the one you posted would have more impact and allow the viewer to be more involved in the shot.

I'm thinking that is what the pros would want, or should want, is for the shots to draw people in.

Congrat's on the sale.

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