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Re: X100S / RX1 / Leica M 240

bestbyte wrote:

Can you please post the link to " RX1 crazy IQ enough to justify the extra one thousand euros"

Think this: http://rx1files.tumblr.com/ . I understand though that it just may be a matter of taste or personal preference, but most of these photographs look very pleasing to my eyes. Also, like I said I'm yet to see what the X100s really can do, so justifying the 1000 Euros difference might not be a fair conclusion in the end.

ScottD1964 wrote:

As does asking why there aren't more sample images available on line yet from a camera that's been on the market for 2 weeks and only available in a very few countries. I realize the internet is instant gratification in many cases but dude, have a little patience. Plenty of images will show up once more people get their hands on the camera. And hopefully they'll be of more real world use than some of the junk posted so far by review sites.

I've had my X100S on pre-order since January 8th. Trust me, as soon as I get mine I'll be positing some real world OOC .jpegs on here.


Scott, I was not asking why, I know that only a few people have the camera and they need more time to shoot some good stuff. I may have been unclear or you understood me incorrectly.

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