A Nikon D600 - I don't think so

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Re: A Nikon D600 - I don't think so

I'm a new Nikon shooter and a former longtime Oly user (E-1, E-3, E-5, HG & SHG glass) and I bought a D600 a few months ago.

I do have dust/ oil spots and while I'd prefer not to have them I can deal with it because the IQ of the photos are so good.  I never had sensor debris with Olympus either. I'm a RAW shooter only and I find I spend far less time in post with my Nikon files than my Oly files because the images from the Nikon are much better.  The DR is outstanding  and  I really don't spend anytime dealing with noise because I don't have to.  Mostly I crop a bit, an adjustment or two in LR, and sharpen in PS5. If I see dust spots a couple of clicks in PS takes care of them.

I still look at my Oly gear with fondness, but of late that's all I've done with it.  I haven't used it since I've moved to the D600.  I'm going to sell my Oly kit and pick up a few more pieces of Nikon gear, including another D600.


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