Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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ENOUGH with the EVF debate.

The EVF attributes of the GH3 have been flogged to death in at LEAST three other threads. Nobody is going to change anyone's mind about anything related to this subject, and nobody should be called on the carpet for what they see when using the camera.

Here's the summary:

1) EVF actual size is slightly smaller, yet brighter than the EVF on the GH2 et al.

2) Some early users have had defective EVFs which they have returned their cameras for, or which have been replaced, with some replacements being improved, and others not.

3) The lens that Panasonic uses in the EVF seems to have more pronounced edge blur when the eye is not dead center than the GH2. Some people are very sensitive to this, other people don't notice it at all, or get used to it quickly.

4) Some users have tried later build cameras and thought the EVF was much better than the first releases; others have noticed no difference.

5) Some colors are not rendered entirely accurately on the EVF (this is noted in the instruction manual also).

For some people, the behavior of the GH3 EVF is a dealbreaker, for others the EVF looks absolutely fine. People need evaluate the camera on an individual basis and decide for themselves if it is an issue for them. NOBODY is going to win any arguments with anyone about what any individual person sees, and it's time to stop arguing about it.

Enough with the gauntlet throwing and portents of doom and gloom for the future of the product. People will make their own judgments when they use the camera, and buy or not buy based on that.


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