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Re: X100S / RX1 / Leica M 240

ScottD1964 wrote:

Pelicashka wrote:

I have an X100s preordered, however I’m still on the fence. I am completely amazed by photographs taken by RX1 which are available on Flickr in abundance. However, I am still to see any really great X100s samples. I’ve seen some good examples but they were subject to extensive processing. What I’m eager to see are some clean OOC images which would show off great colours, buttery bokeh and high level of detail. There are just a handful maybe on Flickr out of 300-something images.

I’m yet to be blown away by X100s image quality, however I find the RX1 IQ crazy enough to justify the extra one thousand euros.

Any great samples to share?

I would say cancel your pre-order on the X100s and buy the Sony immediately. The X100s which has only been available for 2 weeks or so at this point will never match the RX1 which has been on the market for 6 months. After all, look at all the catching up Fuji needs to do on Flickr to come up from the 300 or so images available to view from the X100s to match the abundance of RX1 images that are out there. Nothing to do with one being on the market 5 months longer than the other, nah.

Plus there is no way a cheap $1300.00 APS-c camera could ever compete with a $2800-$3600 FF camera in any way shape or form. I'd say stop your search for X100s images and just buy the Sony. You'll never be happy with the X100s, not enough images on Flickr you know.

Flame on.


Why all the hate, Scott? The one starting a flaming war is you. I was merely hoping someone would point me to some great shots made with X100s. I own an X100 and I am seeking a major upgrade in a small body.

Your irony is completely uncalled for and you do make yourself sound quite stupid.


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