best 50mm / 35mm legacy lens for value/optical quality for nex-7

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Re: best 50mm / 35mm legacy lens for value/optical quality for nex-7

wakkaday wrote:

can you please reccomend any good lenses i should consider

i'm currently looking at the 50mm canon fd 1.4

is this any good? any others... i dont' want to spend too much

You can't do better than the Canon FD 50 1.4, regardless of price, although Zeiss and Leica might give it a run for the money.  If you can find one get the FDn.  It's lighter and I believe somewhat better but there is not much difference between it and the older FD.

Regarding 35mm, I would also recommend the Canon FDn 35 f2.  There are several earlier versions, which are also excellent.  They are heavier and a little cheaper.  The FDn is hard to find in really good condition.  If you go for the older version with the thorium element, try to get the S.S.C. one, although again there is not a lot of difference.

I have tried many 35mm lenses and a few 50s, including a Zeiss and Voigtlander, and settled on the FDn's based on their sheer IQ.

Caveat:  These older lenses vary a lot according to sample.  I had to get two FDn's of both before I found ones that lived up to their billing.


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