New pics of tennis pros with 17-55 2.8

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Re: New pics of tennis pros with 17-55 2.8

skanter wrote:

Austin_Luker wrote:

Not really trying to convey a "story". The idea is to show the athleticism and tennis technique of the pros so that people will want to take lessons with them.

Sam K., NYC

Well Sam, there is the STORY you are trying to get across with your images. Now ask yourself with the images posted would you want to take lessons from these people?

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Tbis is not photojournalism. The only purpose of these photos is to exhibit the skill, technique and athleticism of the atheletes, NOT to "tell a story". Thanks, but this is not "photography 101", Ive been a photographer for over 40 years. Hopefully club members will want to tale lessons from these pros when looking at bio, portrait and action shots. That is the "story", a pictorial profile of the pro.

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Sam K., NYC

But your shots aren't really showing off their skills.

Pic 1) No ball in the shot. Did he hit it, is it still on it's way? No one knows.

Pic 2) She can hold a racket, not a lot of skill in that. The blue on blue isn't the best choice for colors, and for a portrait, I think the background should be blurred a bit more.

Pic 3) Once again, if you're showing her skills, it looks like she about to miss the ball by a lot. By showing the back side of her, you can't see any intensity on her face.

Pic4) This one is close to showing some skill. But I think maybe a straight on shot could have been better.

Pic 5) This is where a longer lens would help. By being so close, the ball looks to large. Being farther away and zooming in would compress the shot, and maybe blur that background some.

Pic 6) The racket is almost completely out of sight from the viewer.

Pic 7) The ball is to low. It reminds me of basketball shots where the person is dribbling the ball and the shot is taken when the ball is on the floor.

It looks like these shots were taken during a lesson, so you were restricted to the sidelines. If not, move around more.

The timing also isn't quite there. There are no moments of impact.

The shots without any of the court in view reminds me of an outfielder in the Metrodome chasing down a fly ball by the baggie in right field. It just doesn't look right without any of the court in the shot.

And lastly, the white balance is just weird. I don't know if you had mixed lighting or what, but I think a custom white balance would have helped.

So, a quick recap. Better WB, get them on the court, show moments of impact, shoot from some different angles, maybe if you can get up in the air some, show the whole court, let people see where their lesson will be taking place.

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