Capture NX2 2.4.0 stopped working in Win7 64 bit

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Re: Capture NX2 2.4.0 stopped working in Win7 64 bit

Taburiente wrote:

Anyone have a suggestion?

1. Uninstall

2. Reboot

3. Install 2.3.0 Full Version (***)

4. Install 2.4.1 Update (***)

*** Make sure both versions come from the same source. Don't mix releases from NikonUSA and NikonEurope for example. Here's a link for the NikonUSA software:

In that fails, I fear a bad registry entry which will be near impossible to track down. AFAIK, Nikon have never produced any tools for checking/fixing registry prerequisites for their software. So then you're looking at a clean Windows install.

Installing 2.3.0 and then 2.4.1 definitely works on a clean system (Win 7 64-bit). I have done it twice in the past few weeks.

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