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One size does NOT fit all

After trying out the OM-D for a couple of weeks, I opted to wait for GH3. The reasons were my personal needs.  I have large hands (mainly long fingers) and I have never been completely comfortable with any of the G or GH Panasonics and found the OM-D even less satisfactory especially with longer lenses.  The GH3 feels like it was custom made for me.  The man who owns the OM-D I borrowed, has much smaller hands and finds the GH3 too large and heavy for him.  By the same token, he prefers the tilting LCD of OM-D while I like a fully articulated screen.  We both agree the OM-D menu systems is worse than that designed by Panasonic.  However, both cameras can be set up in such a way that, after the initial setup, you seldom have to go into the menus.

The EVF problem does exist but I have to deliberately move a my eye far off center to see it.  This is true with or without glasses.  This may be simply the way I am used to looking thru a viewfinder.  I will admit that it should be improved.

The IQ I have found to be on a par with OM-D unless you are a dedicated pixel peeper.  I would agree with other reviewers that OM-D is slightly better than the GH3 for stills and the reverse is true for video.  The differences are, at least to my eyes, insignificant.  I have not had the GH3 long enough to fully experiment with the settings which might eliminate any real differences.

The one stupid comment that keeps appearing in these forms is the looks of the camera.  The job of a camera is to take beautiful pictures not be a beautiful picture.  In any case, this a matter of individual taste and really should not be a factor in choosing a photographic tool.

The reason we have so many different cameras is that individuals have different tastes and needs.  Both the OM-D and the GH3 are excellent cameras and you should select the one that meets as many of your needs as possible, and lacks as few features that you want as possible .

One thing is sure — There never has or will be such a thing as the "Perfect Camera".

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Peter Photography has a lot in common with pipe smoking. There is far more fiddling around with the equipment than there ever is in using it!

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