Argyll/DispcalGUI Problem

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Re: Argyll/DispcalGUI Problem

malch wrote:

I've successfully calibrated the monitor with dispcalGUI but without any correction matrix. The results are certainly not horrible based on a comparison of the screen and a color checker card. It's certainly something I can live with for the immediate future.

That is a miracle! The normal is to have the white balance completely off mark.

You can try the TFT Central profiles.

But it's my birthday in a couple of weeks and there might be an opportunity to save the wife some grief trying to think of an appropriate gift... gotta run and start dropping hints

Very useful gift.

Thanks for your advice and all of your work helping others with Argyll/DispcalGUI. Your contributions and tutorials are much appreciated by me, and I'm sure, many others. Thank you!

Thank you, I am glad to help.

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