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Printing with border Sal.   
Thanks for your thoughts SJPhoto.  Another incicdent came to light and am very grateful to the guy concerned for his honesty.  Last Thursday made a final call to the Canon chap who has been helping me throughout all of this.  We were arranging the collection of my 6400 and my refund.  He said that earlier in the week his office had to print a large image for a client.  He has had a 6300 in his office for the last two years and apparently it has always worked perfectly.   On this particular day the print was produced and it was only when they went to roll it up that they realised there was a line going across the full length of the back of it.  He was shocked as they've never had any probs. before.  Apparently they tried different tricks to rectify the prob. but to no avail; their 6300 is now producing the line on the back of prints.   I was really grateful to him for this info. as I had wondered if I could get a 6400 without any probs. it would be prob. be okay from then on.  As he said whose to say that it won't kick in at a later date tho'.... as it has with his.  He was really apologetic.  Canon need to deal with this - it's not fair on folk and there are many dealers still unaware of the prob.  Have now placed my order for the Epson 7900 - I know it has heaps of good reviews and have had personal recommendation, but I had my heart set on the  Canon.   Am really pleased that all is well with your Canon SJPhoto and I truly hope you've got a goodie and that it stays that way.

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