? - 27" iMac vs Retina MBP as a desktop machine.

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? - 27" iMac vs Retina MBP as a desktop machine.

Here is my situation:

I have been waiting with baited breath for a new Mac Pro but obviousy that has not happened.

(and may or may not happen in spring 2013)

Now my wife is chomping at the bit to replace her aged Dell in the kitchen.

I currently use a 2010 MBP (Snow Leopard).

I would like to start video editing at some point. (total newb)  I am not sure which software I want but I am leaning toward FCP.

I use LR for my pics.

I would buy a very hopped-up version of whatever I buy as I tend to keep my computers for a long time and give the 2010 to my wife.

How do you think these machines compare overall ?

Clearly the iMac would seem to be the obvious answer as it is a desktop.   I have some concerns as it is not particularly upgradable and I have heard some concerns regarding reliability.

Not crazy about the all-in-one thing although a laptop is clearly the same thing.

The MBP can clearly be used as a desktop replacement.  Although I rarely move it it is nice that it can be moved if desired.

How do you think the MBP would do with video if used in combo with a Thunderbolt drive?

My head is really swirling in circles over this so I am hoping someone here can give me some insights.

Thanks - Dave

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