Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

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Re: Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

DxO's numbers aren't based on actual pixels (of course, for then then D800 clearly has ~12 million more than the D600 and D3x) but their still relatively new "perceptual megapixels" measurement, which I have yet to see explained to my understanding/satisfaction. What they have to say about what they are actually measuring is,

"DxOMark’s new Perceptual MPix measurements are based on acutance and human contrast sensitivity function (CSF) published in recently-released image quality standards from the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)."

I think it will be hard to answer your question until we (or at least I) better understand how they calculate the figures.

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