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Re: Why can't Windows just work?

Shalom2006 wrote:

How does Start8 get in the way exactly? I boot directly to the desktop & hardly use the old start which Start8 provides. Occasionally it's useful to find hardly used programs, but otherwise it stays unused + very quiet! I don't see how it interferes at all in the 'Windows 8 experience'.

I like it also Chiqwell

After the initial install of Start8 or Classic Shell (5 minutes) I havent had to deal with the Win8 start screen (which, to me, is a visual abomination) or the start menu except occasional use of the "search" feature of the start menu to find something I haven't run often enough to rate a desktop Icon.

Some people just dont understand that the ability to make stuff you dont like "go away" on your computer is one of the biggest advantages of you can have. Lets just be glad that Microsoft hasnt done anything to stop us from using such tools as Start8 or Classic Shell.

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