Went for another walk..

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Re: Went for another walk..

Thank you to fromero, 2esetters and evancj for your comments, I'm glad you like these shots from the Digley and Holme area of Yorkshire, England.

Andrew and David, I have noticed that you both always take the time to comment on my posts and I really want to thank you both for that. It is appreciated.

As for your comments in particular David, yep, I did consider cloning out the turbine but then thought that because it was a definate part of the scene and not a complete eyesore nor pushing for attention then I would leave it in (posted another without the turbine). I actually quite like wind turbines but got to agree they can spoil a good landscape.

In relation to the shots being slightly oversharpened, I've got to disagree with you there because after I posted them I had a look and and I actually think that they are in fact looking HIGHLY oversharpened. I liked your understated way of pointing out a very definate flaw. I still don't know the best way to present images on DPR. My own shots look better and sharper on my monitor but when re-sized and on the forum they do not have the same quality. I am not really clued up on computers and the web but I read that if if I process my images in my normal manner, including sharpening, re-size and sharpen again then images look better on the web. I gave that a try with these shots and came to the conclusion that information was wrong because I'm really not keen on how these looked. Some posters are able to show their images to a really high standard on these forums, sooner or later I hope to do the same. I did ask how best to post in the past but never got an explanatory answer to how to maximise the quality of images presented.

As for the cropping of the last image, tried as you suggested and also took a little off the top and think it looks better (posted). Thanks for the constructive critique Dave, it's why I joined DPR.


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