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A few further thoughts...

  • After I discovered two or three of my images on other websites I unchecked the 'Allow downloads of originals' (emphasis added) box in 'My Profile – Edit Settings' and, since then, I have detected no instances of unauthorised use although this might just be a coincidence. Pat

Just an FYI - I have that setting unchecked, and my church picture is on that website too. I wonder what the site actually is about. Any able to read it here?

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This link returns the content in Chinese not in english the way I was able to see it. You may be able to translate it from your browser.

Doesn't help much. See below the first paragraph under the first photo.

"Bubble network camera channels November 14th church is an important part of European cities, regardless of the city or the countryside can be found in the churches of various sizes. Church light dark, giving a mysterious religious atmosphere and solemn sense, but is a bit of a challenge for photography enthusiasts. One to need to use a larger aperture or sensitivity, on the other hand is the need for wide-angle and a variety of different focal lengths to shoot those inside the church murals and sculpture to reflect. Positive outside the church walls and internal stigma and more with relief decoration, the image of these sculptures are seamless building structure, which is suitable to use a telephoto lens to shoot close-up. Today, let us together to enjoy the performance of different focal lengths Church. Further Reading: Simon performances Nikon D600, Nikon D600 line in mind, Thailand (3) special "color" line in mind, Thailand (2) Floating Market / Grand Palace"

I have used Google Translate to convert the entire document into English.   The first paragraph quoted above is repeated throughout the document.

The tag line in the header translates as:

Date: November 14, 2012

Source: (CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?) Bubble Network

Author: network finishing

Editor: Li Zhaowei (or in Chinese searchable script 编辑:李肇巍, which returns 4,400 hits.  Mr/Ms Li is active!!!!)

It is not clear to me what the purpose of the document is; it looks like notes for a photography class, a magazine/web article or suchlike.

The only thing that is clear is that DPR and its members are victims of theft, by people whose standards of honesty and integrity are no barrier to their claim to be the originators (source) of the images!

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