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Re: Interesting comments regarding the EVF

sea_dragon wrote:

Here is another person observing and commenting on the distortion present in the EVF. This is NOT an imaginary problem or a usage issue as certain individuals here have suggested. Doubters take note!

I haven't had my hands on the GH3 yet, but I think I understand the viewfinder problem quite well.

The Sony NEX-7 I tried had an issue which sounds exactly the same problem described for the GH3. I gave it to the shop guys and they looked and said it looked fine to them. They were interested in a sale so I don't know if they were being genuine about not seeing it. If I manoeuvred my eye into an exact position against the finder, I just about got a clear image over most the finder with just the very edges having a slight foggy glow. But as soon as I moved my eye a fraction, around 60% of the finder turned to blurred foggy mush. I also didn't like the off-centre placement, so I bought the NEX-5N instead.

Previously I used 2 Ricoh EVFs, a few Nikons with EVF, none of which I liked that much but at least I could see through them. And also the X100 with hybrid finder where the EVF  mode was very good and I preferred it to the OVF.

Given the hype around the technology of the Sony EVF I was a bit shocked it looked so poor to me, and then discovered there were only infrequent discussions about it in the NEX forum and many owners never saw the problem, I assumed the shop unit was defective, but was very relieved when my OM-D arrived to see the finder was bright and clear.

I't will be interesting to see if I see a similar issue with the GH3 when I get a chance to play with it.

It seems crazy that some people see it and some don't, it really wasn't subtle, it was near unusable on the NEX.


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