Not taken seriously with OMD

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I had same problem when moving from Nikon to m4/3

I used to shoot exclusively with a Nikon D90.  When I first started using m4/3 at various events, I was often asked if I was giving up my interest in serious photography.  However, when I would go to casual parties where most people are using their phones to capture snapshots, they would comment that I must be serious about photography.  I think it depends on the situation.

At events, people are trained to respect "big gear."  Think about how often you will give somebody deferential treatment because they are carrying a large camera with a big, impressive lens.  You don't even ask if they are an official photographer.  You just get out of their way.  This happens with videographers as well.

Personally, I am not emotionally attached to any particular gear - I use what I believe makes sense for the situation.  If I think an event calls for it, I will revert to Nikon gear for the simple reason that it helps me manage the people around me.  Like wearing a name badge or uniform, big gear conveys an image.

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It's not how many pixels you have... but how you use them.

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