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Re: Marty, this post is why people leave Olympus

Olympus  is getting out of the Dslr  market.  Anyone who can't see that isn't  paying attention. When it comes to bodies they were making the Microsoft Zune of Dslr  cameras.  If people aren't  buying them why would you keep making them and spending millions of dollars developing them.  Other users have been jumping ship for years as they demanded feature X, Y, or Z and when Canon or Nikon could deliver and Olympus couldn't  that was their rationalization.

Now some of those features are now in there mirror-less cameras, which are basically their bread-and-butter and they're making a very good living selling those cameras.  They offer an ability to use the old lenses, but for most professionals performance of those lenses at current development levels is insufficient in terms of focusing speed. Their forthcoming E7 or unknown milc hybrid supposed to finally take care of this.   We'll see.

That being said, I have taken some really amazing pictures with my E-PL1 And some Olympus  and adapted Leica  glass..

When it comes down to it, a camera is a tool. Right now PEN and om-d cameras cannot serve me well on a wedding, simply because on  a single charge of one battery they can't last quarter of the time my d7000 can.  I pretty much own that camera as a work camera as a result.  I use my PEN for fun and more creative work.

Cameras don't make good pictures, good glass does.

Using Canon or Nikon doesn't make anybody a better photographer.  But they do have a lot of third party lens and accessory options.

Those who left the E Systems in droves (Most of the time for canikon gimmick features) killed the system just as much as Olympus did.

The grass will always be greener on the other side when you can't get that feature the company you currently use has no interest or incentive to offer it to you .

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I am far too busy taking pictures to look for problems with the cameras I use to take them.

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