Dilemma - replace GRD IV or not ?

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Re: Dilemma - replace GRD IV or not ?

davidrm wrote:

So, what do I do ? Bite the bullet and buy a new GRD? Be sensible and buy an RX100 ? Use my iPhone ? Wait for a mythical GRD V ? Or go back to film and the GR1v ? Or get bigger pockets and use my E-P3 ?

I guess I could get a _white_ GRD IV

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Too many questions in one package maybe. But this one stands out:

'Be sensible and buy an RX100?'

I think that sums a Sony up well. Sensible. When was art, photography or (camera) design ever about being sensible?

Film. Only you know whether you can go back to film. Personally I need both my GR1 and GRD I.

GRDV? Can you wait? It's really that easy!

Or the great compromise – get a GR1 now and wait for a GRDV later. Best of both worlds.

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