Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Re: Ming Thein reviews the GH3

joe talks photography wrote:

richarddd wrote:

Bottom line, essentially the same image quality as the E-M5, but he does not like the "UI and overall control logic: it just doesn’t feel like a well-thought out product, and isn’t at all intuitive in use."


Given the great history of the GH series for video, his comments on the GH3 might and/or should be a concern for videographers. Then again, he doesn't seem to have a strength with video. Nor do I since camcorder days...with zero interest in it in my cameras!

On the menus, I have owned many a Panasonic G series camera and the menus are in-depth but they aren't really quickly assessible in the field so I would agree with reviewer to the extent that the Panasonic menus could be 'massaged' some to improve on them.

Lastly, I cannot see me owning one. Aside from size, the cost of the E-M5 is already a tad more than I would spend on a camera for the m43 system. For an equivalent amount of $$$ one could improve image potential with an APS-C model. Admittedly, I prefer m43 and its many great lenses. This may well cause me to move to the E-M5 after all!

As a GH3 owner........ the 5 custom function buttons + other fixed control buttons and dials mean accessing the menu while shooting is not something that needs to be done much. APS-C has marginal still image quality advantages over M43 in some circumstances with some cameras IME - if you want significant image quality gains you need to go full frame and then put up with the extra bulk and weight. For a compact body that does top class stills AND has video capability that can't be matched unless you spend on some serious pro dedicated video camera gear the GH3 is unique.

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