Can someone explain me ...

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Re: Can someone explain me ...

Hi vqueen,

Greetings from Dublin!

First, I would not take this as a personal assault.   Second, I don't believe you are the only host whose challenge entries have been stolen.

You are just another victim (together with the copyright owners of the stolen images) of the person or persons who stole and published the images.   Apart from reporting the facts to DPR for any action they consider appropriate, I don't think there is anything useful you, as an individual, can do.   Given the history of inaction by Chinese authorities and courts to complaints of intellectual property theft made by very wealthy and powerful EU corporations,such as car manufacturers (see below), I suspect any complaint you make to the website owners will be met with deafening silence.   I would be surprised if the wrongdoing was acknowledged, I would be amazed if you got an apology and I would be astonished if suitable undertakings and redress or token compensation was offered to victims.

I think jmgir's suggestion that all challenge entries by given a generic DPR watermark (which answers the reservations I expressed earlier) indicating that images are copyright of their owners should be considered as a first step by DPR.   I say 'first step' because technology and software are available that enable determined thieves remove watermarks, whether by cropping, cloning, photoshopping etc.   I still believe the most effective solution to this problem would be to restrict the ability to download images, except from personal galleries by gallery owners.

To put the matter in context and see just one example of Chinese respect for the intellectual property rights of others, see my image (taken in Shanghai) at

Best regards,

Pat C.

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