Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Re: Ming Thein reviews the GH3

richarddd wrote:

Bottom line, essentially the same image quality as the E-M5, but he does not like the "UI and overall control logic: it just doesn’t feel like a well-thought out product, and isn’t at all intuitive in use."


It says he knows nothing about video, Rolling shutter occurs if the subject movement is fast, if you are panning the camera too fast.

The CMOS sensor records different than a CCD sensor would or when it was used for Video. A CCD sensor is better for serious video.

It is what it is. Shooting video with a DSLR or MSLR like this you have to look at the entire playback to see what you can actually see. Looking frame by frame for video is like pixel peeping.

The way you think about shooting stills vs shooting video is different.

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