So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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Re: Issue 1: inconsistent in-camera ISO labelling

texinwien wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

texinwien wrote:

My gosh, so many words, so little time. There are two issues here:

"The issue is that if you take in-camera ISOs at face value you end up comparing apples to oranges, especially with the EM5 which is a relative outlier in its ISO interpretation"

Ok. Point out the misconception and erroneous conclusion here.

No sir, we're going to do this the other way. I have pointed out the error in your first 'proof' that your idea is correct.

Yes you did, misrepresenting my post.

Please point out the misrepresentation. Your proof offered two images - one (the G3) that was exposed based on the ideal (saturation sensitivity), and one (the E-M5) that was exposed based on camera ISO Setting, one full EV lower than the ideal.

Too many words, tex, you are all over the place. Nobody is challenging your authority here, just setting the record straight. Let's take one issue at a time, the one above. What I actually wrote in the post you referenced above is:

"Yes you did, misrepresenting my post. To follow a train of thought one needs to read all of the posts in a thread from first to last, not just a snippet here and one there, otherwise they may miss context. Which is why, to help us, I summarized them in these two simple posts."

The issue was not to choose the perfect exposure but to make sure that both cameras had the same exposure and were fairly comparable in the same situation. And you apparently did not read a previous post of mine (one of the first ones I wrote in that thread you kept referring back to to prove my alleged "misrepresentations") which I again summarized for convenience as Issue 2 here. Here is the exhibit from that post:

Exposure and Tonal Range captured are supposedly very similar - read the original post

So all you had to do was read my posts from first to last, instead of just reading snippets here and there and forming your own opinion of what I might have said. What I said from the very start has not changed and was summarized in Issues 1 and 2 in this thread. And I believe we agree on them, so I suggest we shake hands and move on.


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