How to learn photography

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Re: How to learn photography

Hi I am glad that your into photography just like me. I sense your eagerness to learn. I suggest you take it slow, one step at a time. You are a newbie no doubt, you know you need to learn more of the basics about photography such as the aperture, the shutter speed and the ISO. Honestly, they are not that hard to learn if you know how to manipulate your camera. If not, read the manuals or ask someone to teach you how does it works. Ton of information are up in the internet but as you said you learn fast when someone shows you how, so perhaps find a local photographer in your area and ask help. I did that too, and I join a local photography club composed of small group of enthusiast in photography. However, most of my learning are thru reading blogs, articles, forums and e-books. I just want to share to you This is where I am currently learning photo tricks and effects. Need not to worry about too much reading, it provides a lot of sample photos and easy step by step learning. I invite you to try it too, it is really cool.

I am looking forward for you future works. Just put your heart into it and have fun. Good luck

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