Comparing 7D with 60D

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Re: Comparing 7D with 60D

JTuuti wrote:

You can use the dpreview's 60D interactive 'compared to', set the other camera to 7D.

If I were you, I'd wait for a year or two for Canon DSLRs to progress anoher generation or two. I know there are some who will disagree, but I think 500D is still recent enough and solid enough performer. Also for me, I wouldn't get the D60 for probably a stupid reason -- the lack of joystick. I though I'd get over it and used to the 8-way controller, but never did. I also miss the white balance top button.

Many thanks for the feedback. Actually I was more or less happy with my 500D (T1i) barring some instances. However recently I had analysed some photos from 600D where noise control was fairly better than 500D at default JPEG shots (shots were taken in both the cameras with identical situation). From there I started thinking of an up-gradation. Anyway I can wait for sometime as suggested by you and some other posters.

The best way for you to step up your gear would be to add a couple of lenses. Switching your 18-55 kit lens to a 15-80mm is not costing much, and it will make you wonder how you ever were able to live without it.

You mean to say the EF-S 15 - 85 mm IS USM? Is there any 15 - 80 mm as well?

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