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Roger Engelken
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Re: Marty, this post is why people leave Olympus

Chrisp63 wrote:

While I do read the 'negative posts' on this foruit they are only one aspect of the decision making process. When I bought my e-510 five years ago I researched all the options and chose that camera and systeAsa's being best for me based on all the evidence and I have never regretted that. Now I want to upgrade (I did think seriously about full frame but have rejected it) I am doing the same, I don't spend money on things like this without thorough research. It is noticeable that Olympus now never feature in such publications as 'What Camera' or online review sites simply because there are no competitive models at the moment, compare that to when I bought the e-510 when I had a choice of at least 4 SLR Olympus models. As I also mentioned it will be buying my new camera in June and have not stopped considering the options. I also didn't mean this post to be a hello and goodbye one, I was interested on people's comments about the Nikon and their adoption of a 4/3 crop mode at 16mp and the omission of the first pass filter.

Cheers Chris

P.S I appreciate all the comments and discussion points, even the ones slagging me off, makes for a healthy interesting debate

I do appreciate, for what that is worth, that you did not just come in here as a new poster and trash the E-System and then disappear into the sunset.  We had another poster do that a week or so ago.  Hence my reaction to your post up front.

I am not quite sure why people find the need to bash a product or product line.  Olympus does not hold a monopoly on eliciting such behavior to be sure.  There are plenty of examples, including on the forums dedicated to other camera makers here on dpreview.  It gets rather old and tiring, and does nothing but a disservice to all involved.  There are many wonderful and outstanding camera bodies out there, and no doubt the D7100 will be like that to many, both those dedicated to Nikkon products and likely others as well.  That fosters competition, and meets the needs and desires of a greater cross section of amateur and professional photographers.  Those things are always good to have.

I am quite happy with my Olympus setup.  I am not ashamed to say so.  That does not make it the do all and end all for anyone else.  In that same vein, someone else replying in this or any thread that they are a realist and therefore their viewpoint is the right viewpoint is also not the do all nor end all for anyone else.  I was not swayed to buy into Olympus due to this forum, or any other for that matter (I've used Olympus gear since before this medium existed), and the opinions (which we all at times may write as statements) of others are just that, opinions.  The same goes for me :-D.

Whatever path you choose, make sure it is for the love of the world of photography, and that the equipment you choose furthers that, challenges you and is a support in your growth in the hobby and/or profession.  Best of luck.


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