my great lens Tamron AD SP 24 - 135 macro [made in Japan]

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Re: my great lens Tamron AD SP 24 - 135 macro [made in Japan]

Berghof wrote:


I may be getting the D600 and I was wondering if it would be possible to use this great Tamron

lens I've used so my on my film camera.It is not terrible old glass and I wonder whether all the functions of this IF would be preserved on the new D600. Thank you.

My first copy of the 24-135 was on a Pnetax crop body, where the range was excellent, along with IQ--got a great Amazon deal, brand new, for < $200.  I was very happy with it, more so than I was with the Tamron 17-50 or the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 lenses--all things considered.

My 2nd copy of the lens I got from for the D700.  This was an excellent copy, sharp right to the edges--impressive, especially when you consider it was Ex condition, for $125.  The lens made music with my D700.

One day I got silly, sold the lens to a fellow Nikonian who now shoots it on his D800.  He gets beautiful pics with the comnbination.  I regretted selling the lens, so picked up another one on Ebay, but this one had poor borders on Fx, so I used it mostly on my D300, until I picked up a copy of the 24-85vr, which is an amazing lens IMO.  I then sold this not so good copy of the 24-135mm.

So, yes, it sure will work.  If you can, especially since the D600 is demanding on glass, try and be sure you get a high quality version of the 24-135.  It provides a splendid compromise of range and quality.  Best of luck.


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