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Re: A55

Thanks james..I am now eventually looking to get either an a65 or the a58 . I am used to and like the smaller body.  Not being a high iso shooter in general the a65 like the a55 holds more detail  than the a57/37...nr pays its due in resolution.

Shooting nature mostly and wildlife high iso isnt going to give the results i would like.

With people or man made creations higher iso shots do not take as much away from the image as nature shooting does...as you know with landscape photography.  I try to get a 'slide-film' look and so far  every alpha going gives quite a bit more iq at the lowest iso's.  I think the a58 is going to be a great camera for iq..hopefully nr filtering is not too heavy handed. I wouldnt want to have to shoot raw to get results wanted.

But if the a58 isnt going to be compatable with my sigmas, then a65 it is....
 No hurry though as the a55 is getting along just fine.

sorry i am babbling...brian

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