What happens to "returned" cameras??

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Re: What happens to "returned" cameras?? > not automatically "destroyed"

chooflaki wrote:

Doug J wrote:

chooflaki wrote:

I hope that those why buy cameras for a free trial don't mind that their next faux purchase is sold to them as new even though it may have been returned for the same reasons by someone else.

But I suspect they would be the ones screaming loudest if they found out they were sold a camera as new that had been used by someone else.

I agree completely. I don't see an issue with a short-term return due to a defective camera, but restocking fees should otherwise apply, with a subsequent resale identified as previously-owned. No free use, evaluation of several different models and no cherry picking. The rest of the customers end up paying for these practices.

Yes and the discount on the returned camera should be the same as the restocking fee.

I think we're in the ballpark, +/- reseller's transaction costs, warranty, etc...

From my perspective, it moves us from a model (in some countries) of try it and see if you like it and return if you don't, and the used item may be sold as new. To one in which a customer researches & decides, and purchases a specific model and lives with the decision. I expect US resellers don't like this, as such a model makes them less competitive.

Back to the more recent post that revived this ancient thread, I don't digital cameras joining a land fill because they were returned.

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