B&W Paris Streets (on music) : Tell me what you think, please.

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I guess you're right and I was blinded by enthusiasm...

19andrew47 wrote:

Roel, I am not a fan of the zooming.

OK, I realize I may have gone overboard on that in my initial enthusiasm for the feature.

Aside from that, I don't know if it is peculiar to my set up or is apparent on any set up, but while zooming there are many very visible artifacts that detract from the experience. The image quality doesn't seem to be 'there'.

Probably an adverse result of working not with "raw material" (LR jpgs).

I know the images are of high quality but that doesn't seem to be visible in the presentation.

Well, there is an awful lot of resizing going on, of course.

When I upload SLR-made photos on my iPhone for viewing "on the go", the original JPGs are not transferred, but rather Apple-made customized files for the phone's screen.

And it are those files that are used on the phone by the slideshow and video-software.  Exported results is then again resized to 640x480 maximum.  And the resulting exported file is pretty huge:  several hundred Megabytes.

So I guess that the defects you are seeing, are attributable to all that manipulating.

Other (PC-based) software will probably be better, not only because of more options, but also because it works with the original material and will probably have better algorhythms for output.

So, Andrew, thank you for your honesty and clarity of C&C.

While I of course hoped that my enthusiasm would be shared, it is reactions like yours that make me look beyond the gloss and realize that I should do better if I really want to make the most of slideshows : better in terms of software, but also better in terms of my skill in sequencing, transitions, adding variety, not overdoing effects etc.

I understand where you are coming from in attempting to make the slideshow more dynamic.

Thanks for the encouragement.  Now the task is to tune down on the novelty. It is always like that with me.

And I should probably also look into getting good PC based software.

I was just overwhelmed by the intuitiveness of the iPhone experience, but it MUST be possible to do better on PC.

The trouble with slideshows and any kind of organized presentation is that the more possibilities there are, the more cramped (and even paralyzed) I become, because I want to do well and am always feeling the end result is lacking or "could have been better" (the eternal "close but no cigar" feeling...).

In that sense, working with easy and intuitive software (and on a phone, where you already anticipate less than perfect results), was oddly liberating : I just went ahead and did it, instead of doubting endlessly.


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